Every day, there are things you do, that you don’t need to be doing.  Humans are great at inventing, figuring out, problem solving, creating… But as a whole, we’re not so great at repetitive tasks. We’re just not wired that way. After a while of repetition, our minds wander, we aren’t focused, we make mistakes. In our personal lives, these mistakes are mostly a pain in the ass, and not a big deal:
  • Putting the wrong address on thank you cards because you lost track of where you were in the addresses spreadsheet
  • Putting the wrong kid’s lunch in the backpack
  • Putting your underwear on backwards…
In our work lives, where we are paid to be productive, these mistakes are still a pain in the ass, and cause two costs:
  • Wasted time in rework, managing delays from the rework, etc…
  • Wasted creativity
The wasted time can be expensive, and with a little analysis is quantifiable. It is a daily tax companies pay when they don’t continuously monitor and tune their workflows and systems. The wasted creativity is the real travesty. Because we are spending our most valuable resources (brains) where they aren’t the best solution (repetitive tasks) we are missing out on potential breakthroughs and innovations that could provide unquantifiable value. However, computers, given the right rules, are awesome at repetitive tasks, even though they kinda suck at being creative. Purpose Built Software’s mission is to help companies get past this problem. We work with companies to map out their workflows, figure out the sections that could (and should) be offloaded to a computer, and find or build software to do that.   Sound interesting? Drop us a line at hello@purposebuiltsoftware.com and let’s talk!