3 Signs Your Business Needs Automation

Broken processes, steep learning curves, and declining profits are signs that you may need to automate your business.  We’ll break down these ideas and help you determine if automation is right for your business needs.


There are a couple of signs that your business could benefit from automation. One is that you notice things start to break. You had a process that worked fine six months ago, but now it’s not working fine anymore. Typically, your business has grown and the process you have today and the people you have managing that process are at capacity of the current architecture of that process. It’ll be more fire fighting. The thing that used to work all the time won’t be working anymore so that you see cracks in the process. That’s one sign. Another sign is you’re having a really hard time hiring people in your company. They’re coming in and the learning curve required to become a productive person your company is too high, is too hard to do. Because often what happens youโ€™ve cobbled together a bunch of systems and people have to learn all the systems in order to be productive and that’s just hard to do. A third one is that your profits are declining. For some reason, you’re not as efficient as you used to be. This often comes with growth too. So whenever we were talking about automation, it’s been one of these three things. I can’t retain my high value employees, our profits are declining or we’re always stressed out and fire fighting.