• We’re Featured in the YEC Educational Video Interview Series

    Scott was recently featured in YEC’s Educational Video Series on the topics of workflow automation and engaging with custom software developers. How To Determine if a Process Can Be Automated How to Value an Investment in Automation 3 Signs Your Business Needs Automation Why Custom Software May be the Best Way to Automate 4 Steps […]
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    Employee surveys aren’t always the best method to collect feedback. Here’s what you need to know.
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    How do you keep your business modern, especially when using a legacy system? Here are a few perfect ways.
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    Here are a few examples of custom built software solutions that totally rocked our world
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    Here’s what you need to know about adding automation to your (very human) team processes
  • What Makes a Modern Business Successful?

    What types of technology should you modernize to see the most success and beat the competition?
  • The Top Advantages of Custom Built Software

    Here are a few good reasons why you should choose a custom built solution over off-the-shelf software
  • Tedious Tasks You Should Be Automating

    If you’re not automating these tasks, you could be losing time and money
  • Have You Outgrown Your Homegrown Application?

    Does your software need an update? Answer these 5 questions to find out
  • 7 Legacy Software NIGHTMARE Stories

    As a software consultancy, we are not the cheapest option out there. Companies don’t usually hire us for fun. Usually, there’s something really bad going on that they need fixed… Here are some stories about legacy software, that might be funny to read, but are real scenarios and were not funny to live through. We […]
  • Improving Employee Satisfaction Without Giving Raises

    When it comes to employee satisfaction, money can’t buy happiness. Here are a few better ways to improve morale.
  • Is Your Process Holding You Hostage?

    A business depends on its process to bring in revenue and grow its market share. If your process is poor and inefficient, it could be holding you back.
  • 6 Ways Automation Can Improve Your Work and Life

    Software automation isn’t just for convenience. It can have tangible effects on your business and life, like saving money and happier employees.
  • How to Tell If Your Business Has Outgrown Excel

    Surprisingly, many businesses are using Microsoft Excel longer than they should. Here’s how to tell if your business has outgrown Excel.
  • purpose built business software

    Things We Do and Who We Help

    We get a lot of questions about how we approach purpose built business software… So we put this list together to give you a better idea: Things We Do Roadmapping: Understand and learn current workflows Identify existing workflow problems Define business and software goals Identify technical solutions to remove pain points What information do you need? Is there […]
  • How a Custom Web Application Can Help Your Business Grow

    Serve Your Best Customers Better Gone are the days when your customers will cross rivers and mountains to find you. You must be where they are and serve them in the ways they’ve come to expect. You know who your customers are and what they want. Odds are you do a good job of providing it […]
  • Web Development Can be Confusing, Here’s 4 Tips to Get the Most from Your Web Development Company

    Web developers aren’t all the same. And neither are you the same as other businesses in your industry. If and when you make the decision to hire a web development company to build you web-based software applications to help your business processes run more smoothly, you’ll want to be sure you get exactly what you […]
  • hosting-web

    Choosing Your Web Application Hosting Platform

    So you want to put your application up on the internets.  Great! So where should you start? There are a lot of hosting companies out there and the terms and offerings are overwhelming.  How much RAM do you need?  How many CPUs? How much disk space is enough?  Should everything be on one server or […]
  • web_application-web

    The 6 Steps to a Successful Custom Web Application

     Don’t Get Handed a Bag of Whatever When a friend comes to you with a problem, you probably don’t hand them a bag full of random items, tell them the solution is in there somewhere — Just dig around! Take what you need! — and then turn and walk away. While your attempt to solve […]
  • purpose-built-web

    What is Purpose-Built Software?

    You’re unique, right? (So you say on your website!) Then why would you allow yourself to be shoehorned into pre-packaged software? You have goals for your business that drive you and your employees to succeed. These goals get you out of bed in the morning. (That and the promise of a strong cup of coffee, […]
  • web_apps-web

    The Down and Dirty on Web Apps

    For a moment, reminisce to a prehistoric time when you had to get your hands on a CD or (gasp) a floppy disk to install or update a piece of software. My friends, thankfully, we’ve come a long way. Today, we can simply type a URL into our browser and, in a split second, the […]
  • web_app-web

    Going Mobile: Should You Build a Web App or Native App?

    Every single day we need to make choices. Should I work out or go out to dinner? Stay in the city or move to the suburbs? Splurge on a trip to Vegas or save up for my retirement fund? You catch the drift… In the business world, we are presented with the same crossroads and need […]
  • tech_stack_web

    Which Tech Stack Should I Choose?

    We talk to a lot of people or companies with an idea for a web application.  Because of their industry expertise, they see a way for a web application to provide serious value to themselves and other members of their industry.  They have an idea for how the application should work. But when they go to […]