How a Custom Web Application Can Help Your Business Grow

Serve Your Best Customers Better

Gone are the days when your customers will cross rivers and mountains to find you. You must be where they are and serve them in the ways they’ve come to expect. You know who your customers are and what they want. Odds are you do a good job of providing it for them, be it business consulting or handmade sandals. A custom web application (or three) that helps to serve your customers even better, will only increase their happiness and grow your business. As you know, by improving your customers’ — and prospective customers’ — experiences with your business, you win more and keep more clients.

How Can a Custom Web Application Improve Your Company?

In some instances they may not even realize that it’s your custom-built software that’s powering or aiding their positive experience with you. For example, maybe you currently take their order or request for services online, but it then has to be handled, examined, processed, and logged by four different people in the office before anything happens for the customer, like receiving a response or product or whatever it is that they came to you for. A custom web application could be built with the sole purpose of handling that four-person process. So, instead of two to three days to get even a basic reply from you and maybe several days to get anything useful, they now get a meaningful response in minutes or less — and product could be shipped within hours. Same online form you’ve always provided your customers, but now the backend process has been tweaked and automated to improve the customer experience that will have them feeling pretty good about their decision to contact you.

Saves You Oodles of Time and Energy

But don’t forget another benefit of using purpose-built software in the above scenario: you’ve just freed up four people in your office or warehouse to work on other tasks. Look how efficient you are! A custom web application can help you save time by freeing you from repetitive tasks and providing your customers direct access to information without interrupting your work flow.

Keeps You Looking Up-to-Date

Using web applications — especially custom purpose-built software — make you look good. Sometimes it’s all about the optics and the impressions they give can go a long way in growing your business. Keeping yourself current and up to speed with technology, not only helps make your business run smoother but it also makes you look like a better business. Like it or not, you will be judged by both your most valuable customers on how much you embrace technology. If you’re integrating custom web applications into your business — be it through web portal applications, dashboard web applications, or various other web application tools — potential customers will notice, increasing the odds that they become a paying customer. Ditto for staff. If you want to attract and retain top workers, showing them that you use custom web apps internally and with your clients will help make them feel more confident that your company is viable and has growth potential. No one wants to work for a company that bangs its head against defunct software and all-but-abandoned business processes when often better and money-saving solutions are easily accessible. If you have a friend whose use of technology is stuck in 1995, you may want to suggest they head to their nearest cyber cafe, buy a cup of coffee, and Google “How Can a Custom Web Application Help Grow My Business?” Or just print this out and fax it to them. Give us a call (877) 669-8989 or email us at to chat about how we can help you grow your business!