What is Purpose-Built Software?

You’re unique, right? (So you say on your website!) Then why would you allow yourself to be shoehorned into pre-packaged software? You have goals for your business that drive you and your employees to succeed. These goals get you out of bed in the morning. (That and the promise of a strong cup of coffee, of course.) You know what you need to do to succeed. Sometimes getting there, however, is a challenge not because you don’t have the know-how but simply because you don’t have the best way to get there. With purpose-built software, you can focus on productivity in key business processes that creates a competitive advantage for you with your clients and potential customers.

Consider Your Business

Where are the bottlenecks? Some typical areas include:
  • Project management across multiple spreadsheets
  • Paper processes, including printing  and scanning
  • Repeated data entry into several systems
Companies tout their people as their competitive advantage. If this is the case, then it stands to argue they should invest in making the mundane aspects of their employees’ roles easier (or disappear as much as possible). This frees them up to do higher level work and perhaps become more customer-centric, as well. Purpose-built software allows employees to increase work visibility and value to their company and to the customer creating less employee turnover and less customer churn. By creating an efficient workflows with custom apps and purpose-built software for each department and staff member you’ll be able to grow a successful business. This can be achieved by automating the business processes that are already working for you. Purpose-built software isn’t designed for you to totally and completely change the core of your business. No, it should let your core shine, let it grow.

What does Purpose-built Software Ultimately Do?

In a sentence: Purpose-built software frees you and your staff to do what you already do best. And often times it’s simply the little things that have the most positive impact. The design and implementation of purpose-built software doesn’t need to be a long, drawn-out experience that comes with a steep learning curve for you and your employees. You don’t have to (or want to) pay wheelbarrows of money for a giant lumbering system of which you only need to use a small portion. A custom app or two designed specifically to your company’s size and needs is much cheaper and much more effective. Your ROI is more than A-OK when you invest in purpose-built software. You hear about keeping things “lean” and “agile” all time. Adopting purpose-built software allows you become quicker and smarter, leaner and meaner (actually kinder to your staff and clients, but kinder doesn’t rhyme with leaner). You wouldn’t overhaul your whole engine when your car isn’t running optimally. You may change the type of oil you use or upgrade the tires or some gasket or other and then zoom smoothly on down the road focused on where you want go next. Give us a call (877) 669-8989 or email us at hello@purposebuiltsoftware.com to chat about how we can help you build your purpose-built application!