purpose built business software

Things We Do and Who We Help

We get a lot of questions about how we approach purpose built business software… So we put this list together to give you a better idea:

Things We Do


  • Understand and learn current workflows
  • Identify existing workflow problems
  • Define business and software goals
  • Identify technical solutions to remove pain points
    • What information do you need?
    • Is there data entry that could be automated?
    • Are people performing repetitive tasks?
  • Design an application that creates a more efficient workflow
  • Design user interfaces and experience (UI / UX) based on client input and company branding
  • Prepare a detailed scope and cost estimate


  • Set up staging and production servers to host the application
  • Outline the application development plan by week
  • Build the application in weekly increments
  • Demonstrate new application functionality weekly
  • Incorporate client feedback into the development plan
  • Provide cost saving solutions to client requests
  • Deliver application to client
  • Provide training on application usage


  • Provide post launch support for bugs and small changes

Who we help

  • Medical Device Providers
  • Business Consulting Firms
  • Manufacturing Companies
  • Insurance Brokerages
  • Specialty Training Providers
  • Divisions within corporations

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