The 6 Steps to a Successful Custom Web Application

 Don’t Get Handed a Bag of Whatever

When a friend comes to you with a problem, you probably don’t hand them a bag full of random items, tell them the solution is in there somewhere — Just dig around! Take what you need! — and then turn and walk away. While your attempt to solve his problem may be well-meaning, it’s not ultimately helpful to your friend in need.

The P-Word Makes Us (and You) Special

When people ask us what we do at Purpose Built Software, we may simply say we develop web applications, or “web apps” like the cool kids say. And there are many, many examples of web apps in the world — many of which you probably use on a regular basis. “Developing web applications.” This phrase doesn’t really tell our whole story, however. Officially we say: Purpose Built Software delivers software applications that dramatically improve employee productivity and happiness. Which is true. But even that doesn’t completely encapsulate what a web application project looks like when it’s in our hands. That is, we don’t sit around all day designing and coding software that we then launch onto the web and hope and pray it does the jobs it is supposed to. (Although admittedly this approach has worked for many people.) We build purpose-built web applications, meaning each one is made to help each client solve their unique business problems and obtain their goals. Purpose-built web applications are built with you in mind first (and last). You won’t get handed a bag of random stuff and told that whatever you need is already in there. Somewhere. Purpose-built web applications are not only highly practical and made to fit and enhance your pre-existing business model — they can be downright beautiful like a finely tailored suit. Custom web applications can make you look and feel great — it’s true! Unless you want to try to build your own web app, getting yourself set up with well tuned purpose-built software requires a close relationship between the web app development company and you. What does this relationship look like? Imagine taking a private cruise to your very own island. It’s a lot like that. At least it should be!

The Journey: 6 Steps of a Custom Web Application Project

1. Learn: Where do you want to go? We need to understand your business and where you want to take it, before we can start developing a solution.  We call this Phase 0 or Roadmapping. 2. Plot Course: What are the best ways to get there? We consider everything you’ve told us about your business and your problems and propose solutions. Sometimes a few options. Often there are a number of fine routes to take your destination. We check the wind, weather, and currents and help you pick the best one.  3. Set Sail: And away we go! Once we settle on the best proposal, we leave port and develop the solution. 4. Enjoy: Are you feeling good about the trip so far? As we work to create your web application, we provide ongoing progress visibility and incorporate your feedback through weekly or bi-weekly sprint checkins to make the journey as smooth as possible for you. If things aren’t to your liking along the way, we adjust to make them so. If it’s not fun, why are on this trip then 5. Arrival: Land ho! We made it! It’s time to launch your custom web application and put into action. 6. Check for Leaks: Keeping the ship ship-shape If you’d like us to, we’ll maintain your web app to be sure it performs at the highest levels possible. We do this through extensive monitoring and testing. And magic. OK, not magic. Yet. Do you have a business problem that you think could be solved with a purpose built web application? Send us a quick email and let’s talk!